Diapers: I Switched Brands AGAIN

by jessicaturner on March 3, 2010

So it is no secret that I have issues with diapers.

First, I was a Pampers Snob.

But they are so expensive I started experimenting.

I liked Kroger brand.

Then I started comparing Huggies vs. Pampers.

Then I switched to Huggies.

Now, I have converted to using Target diapers exclusively during the day and Pampers at night. No more buying Huggies or Pampers during the day.

I know, it took me a year to listen to some of you. 

You were right.

The cost-savings is amazing, and they are totally fine for during the day. Elias has only leaked once in the three-months I have been using them, and that was during an exceptionally long nap. I think he would have leaked with any diaper.

Seriously. Consider this:

A box of 96 Target diapers runs about $13. A pack of 27 Pampers – $9.99. Even with a sale and coupons, they still run about $7.99.

Give me a break, Pampers. You aren’t that fabulous. Why didn’t I listen sooner?

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