Winners of Hear No Evil+ Bargain Priced Churched!

by jessicaturner on February 22, 2010

First off, here are the five randomly selected winners of Hear No Evil.

Andrea Lisk: I associate memories with songs… I could almost make a soundtrack of my life.
andreaandtyler [at] hotmail [dot] com

Tara: In the ‘80s, I listened to Amy Grant, Petra, & Poison. Quite the combination I know. I could only listen to the later on the radio as buying their tape was NOT allowed. :) (Thanks, Mom.)

rachelATinnosimplelanguage: Where do I begin with music memories? There are so many!
In high school I was in musicals, and I have lots of fond memories from any of the music from The Wizard of Oz and Bye Bye Birdie! Every song from those shows has a specific memory tht goes with it!

trishmckenzie: I took dance lesson for 13 years as a child/teenager, and even though it’s been almost 15 years since I danced, all it takes is hearing a song I danced to, and all of the choreography comes back to me. Every time I hear “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, it’s all I can do to not break out in dance! Can’t wait to read the book.

ErinR: I would love to read Matthew’s new book. I grew up with young parents and my mom was into eighties music (I remember my best friend and I being obsessed with Madonna) and my dad was very into Beatles and classic rock, so I also loved sitting in his workshop with him and listening to those tunes. Certain Beatles and classic rock tunes still evoke those memories for me of sitting with him in his workshop.

Please email me your addresses by Wednesday or I will select new winners.

If you didn’t win, I’d love for you to consider ordering a copy of Hear No Evil – it’s just $10 on Amazon.

Also, if you have been waiting to buy Matthew’s previous book, Churched: One Kid’s Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess, it is bargain priced on Amazon right now for $7.60 – and it is a HARDBACK! This is a steal. We have never seen it this low, so go get yourself a copy.

Both books would be awesome gifts – Easter basket gifts, or save them for birthdays or Christmas.  I always put a book or two in Matthew’s Easter basket. He loves it.

Speaking of, I need to start shopping for Matthew’s basket. Of course, I have Elias’s all done. I bought him some Easter Little People 50% off at Target last year, a few books, and a bunch pf Sesame Street stuff from the Target $1 section.

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