The Nester Tour of Homes: Toddler Edition

by jessicaturner on December 14, 2009

I had great intentions of photographing all my Christmas decorations for this year’s Nester’s tour of homes, but honestly, I don’t have very many out this year.


Because I have a toddler.

These days, our decorations are mostly duplos and knex strewn across the floor, along with stuffed toys and puzzle pieces. (As you can see at the bottom of my photo)
Please enjoy my beautiful tree, which is 90% of my Christmas decor this year. You’ll notice that the trimmings start two feet off the floor (so our little Mr. Two Foot doesn’t get into any mischief!)

We also got the The Elf on the Shelf this year! He remains nameless though. We can’t decide on one. Do you do this tradition? If so, what is the name of your elf?

Hope you had a great weekend. I can’t believe it is the last full week before Christmas. Enjoy each day.

Also, thank you to each of you who participated in the cookie recipe exchange! I asked Matthew to pick a random number and he picked #3 which was Sarah. Congrats! Email me your address and I will send you some peanut butter balls.

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