Mom Update

by jessicaturner on December 5, 2009

Several of you have kindly asked how my mom is doing.

Thank you.

She is doing very well. She will be going back to work next week.

Can you believe it? Two weeks after BRAIN surgery she is back to work.

It took me six weeks to heal after giving birth!

This week she did come down with cellulitis, an infection at the spot the doctor’s entered her leg, but she is on antibiotics and will be fine. Apparently that is very common.

Thank for your all your prayers. In six months she will have to go back for another procedure for the doctors to make sure that the aneurysm coils were packed tightly enough, and that the aneurysm hasn’t grown out the side or something. This happens in about 10 percent of cases. So let’s pray she is not in the 10 percent.

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