Capturing Memories Simply

by jessicaturner on December 11, 2009

I have recently started a journal that I am excited to share with you. While I am a huge proponent of scrapbooking, I know that it is not for everyone. It also can be challenging to squeeze that creative time into our busy lives.

November was so hectic for me I have not been able to find much time to scrapbook, but this journal has allowed me to record some sweet memories in the past few days.

I purchased a simple black journal at Borders for like $5. On the first page, I pasted a favorite picture of Elias and stamped a flourish and the word memories.

A few times a week I plan to write little notes about Elias, directed toward him – what he is doing, saying, how he is growing, etc.

Can you imagine how special this will be to him and his loved ones someday?

Pages and pages of his mother’s handwriting, with affectionate words toward him.

I plan to occasionally glue photos and other memorabilia into the journal as well. I may find that a spiral notebook would be better, as I likely will not be able to glue a ton of stuff into the journal I currently have, but we’ll see.

I also hope to have Matthew write things now and again.

Even better – mom and dad’s handwriting in one book.

I know many people say they do not like their handwriting. If that is you, I want to encourage you to push that thought out of your mind. Your handwriting is a defining characteristic of you – just like freckles, your smile, the shape of your hands. Your child will never, ever think, gosh, I hate reading this. Mom’s handwriting was awful.

Never. Ever.

They will be so grateful. That journal will be a beautiful gift someday. Better than any toy.

Simple memory keeping.

I love that.

Will you join me in this journaling endeavor? I plan to write about it from time to time and would love to have a group of us embarking on it together. I am a terrible journaler, so I know this won’t always be easy, but acts of love sometimes require us to challenge ourselves, don’t they?

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