Yes You Can

by jessicaturner on November 16, 2009

I got this email this morning and immediately wanted to share it here. Kristie’s excitement got me excited. I am so humbled that my litte blog and class have encouraged her to tell her son’s story. Chronicling your family is something you will not forget. And your child’s first year is an awesome story to tell.

To all you moms who say you can’t scrapbook your baby’s first year – I say yes, you can.

Kristie did. :)

I just had to write to say a big thank you for your class, your blog, and your inspiration! My son is two and a half, and none of his life has been scrapbooked. None. Oh the guilt! So, this afternoon I signed up for and started going through your class on Big Picture. Amazing! Between your advice in the class, your inspiration on your blog, and the intro to Ali Edwards, tonight I completed SIX pages!!!!! Six!!!!!!!! His birth, and 1st birthday, and some playtime in the park with friends. They need to be embellished a little bit, but mostly they are done!!! Thank you for the encouragement to focus on the pictures and the story instead of the elements and design. That is just the advice I needed. (and to focus on the picture that best tells the story instead of trying to figure out how to scrapbook EvErY picture!)
You have made my day!!!!

Thank you, Kristie, for your words. They made my day. I hope they are encouraging to other moms like you.

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