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by jessicaturner on November 6, 2009

I regularly get asked about my camera, lenses, etc., so I thought I would write a post about what I use so that it will be here forever.

My every day camera is a Canon Rebel XT, which Matthew gave me for Christmas in 2006. It is the best present he ever gave me. The XT isn’t made any more, so the equivalent is the Canon Digital Rebel XSi . I can’t recommend the Rebel highly enough. I think everyone who has an interest in photography should save to invest in an SLR camera. The difference in your photos is significant.

Update: In June 2010 I upgraded to the Canon 40D

These are the lenses that I have:

I also have the Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel, which works great. I always forget that I have it. I used it when we were on the beach and got some of my favorite family photos ever. I plan to do a fall photo shoot of the three of us next weekend and will be using it for sure. Matthew also bought me a nice tripod when we had Elias, which I love.

It is also important to have a filter on your lenses to protect them from damage. I have a Tiffen 55mm UV Protection Filter and a Tiffen 52mm UV Protection Filter for my two main lenses.

I love the Gary Fong Puffer Pop Up Flash Diffuser when I have to use a flash! 

The gear currently on my wish list is:

So, now you know. Do you have an SLR? If so, what gear do you recommend?
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