Less Words Wednesday: Halloween Edition

by jessicaturner on November 4, 2009

Elias wore his lion costume to school on Friday.

Friday night, Elias and I flew to Milwaukee for this, so we got to surprise my extended family by being at my sister’s Halloween party on Saturday. I was so excited to be there! Here are some pictures from the party.

Someone did not like his hat…

The girls and our favorite gnome

The ancient Greek woman, the gnome and the cop

My grandma (a red hat lady) and Elias playing with someone’s tooth fairy wand

My cousins, sister, Elias and me

Sweet boy loves to give kisses

My Uncle Mike as Susan Boyle, Aunt Debbie as a witch and my sister’s fiance, Dan, as a jailbird. Yes, that is a mullet wig. :)

My Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jim as a Harley couple. This was especially funny because my Uncle is totally a Ralph Lauren guy. :)

Elias loved Nana’s witch hat.

He also loved Luigi’s glasses. :)

Have you done a Halloween blog post? I would love to see your families pictures! I have never done a MckLinky before, but thought this was a good post to try it out. PLEASE link your blog. It only takes a second. I will do my best to visit every blog linked and leave a comment. I am already thinking about next year’s costume and I am sure a lot of you will have great ideas. xo

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