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by jessicaturner on May 1, 2009


As some of you may know, a Compassion bloggers trip is currently underway in India. My friends Angie, Pete, Anne and Keely are all on that trip. It has been powerful to read their posts (and the posts of others on the trip) throughout the week.

Matthew and I sponsor three children- Carlos with Compassion and Maya and Shilpi with World Vision. This is the best money we spend a month. In the past nine months, we have cut back on a lot of things in our budget, but cutting Compassion and World Vision has not been an option. Period. We know that our giving is critical to our kids basic needs being met. It helps give them education. Food. A better future.

This past week we got a letter from Carlos. He has grown so much since we started sponsoring him six years ago. Each letter we receive he talks about his faith, what he is learning and his family. He also tells us how much he loves us. And we love him.

These organizations are incredible. And they work. Just read any post from the Compassion bloggers and you will be humbled, encouraged and amazed. Your faith will be challenged. You will want to help. I know it.

I know that times are very tight for many right now, but I want to encourage you to prayerfully consider sponsoring a child this week. You can make a difference. And if you already sponsor a child, take time to write to them today. Send some photos. The children treasure every letter they receive.

Regardless of if you are able to sponsor a child, pray for these sweet children and their families. Please also pray for the bloggers as they return home this weekend. Pray for safety and that God will continue to work as they process what they have seen and experienced this week.
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Jen May 1, 2009 at 4:42 pm

I’m glad that you are able to sponsor three children and make it a priority in your life. I’m unable to do that. We live paycheck to paycheck and have to pinch pennies to feed our own family. That doesn’t mean we don’t help those in need in other ways. Compassion and World Vision are great organizations, but there are other ways to give back, too. Not a judgement on your blogging about it at all…just my 2 cents in hopes that others who can’t afford to do this won’t feel discouraged or useless.


Jessica Turner May 1, 2009 at 5:27 pm

Hi Jen – I very much understand! Please know that my post was in no way meant to be a guilt-trip on those who choose not to sponsor. We all help those in need in different ways. Take care.


Rebecca Louise. May 1, 2009 at 5:51 pm

Good post Jess. I have been greatly humbled and inspired from this blogging trip. I have literally been moved to tears from their posts. I cannot afford to sponsor someone at the moment due to uni fees but I told my aunty about Compassion and she is looking into doing it :) xxx.


Lauren Kelly May 2, 2009 at 2:33 am

I’m been so touched and humbled to walk this journey with the compassion bloggers, Jessica!!!! God has begun such a good work :o)


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