Another Week That’s All About Elias

by jessicaturner on June 9, 2008

The week is off to a great start, with much to accomplish for Elias’ arrival on the to do list. This weekend our friends Lee, Traci and Matt helped Matthew paint Elias’ nursery. It turned out great. Physically I didn’t have the energy to help, so I mostly rested and made people lunch. :) My Aunt Sandy and Grandma got us a Dutailier glider – I am so excited to have it in his room. It is so comfortable. I know we will spend many hours in it.

Other Eli Stuff on the Agenda

I got about half of my thank yous done this weekend- they should all go out within the next two days.

Matthew and Todd are going pick-up the nursery furniture at Babies R Us today.

Wednesday is my baby shower that my office is throwing.

Thursday we leave for Wisconsin – my family shower is on Saturday. Maybe I will get the birth plan written that weekend… as I still haven’t gotten to it.

And, as you may remember, the following Thursday Mom and Dad come to visit and help us prepare for the little guy. I am really excited about their visit.


Hopefully somewhere in there I can get the rest of our condo in order, as everything seems to be in transitional chaos right now. It doesn’t help that if possible, I am getting 10-12 hours of sleep a night. lol. At least I know it is helping Eli grow big and strong (especially judging from kicks as of late!)

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Anonymous June 9, 2008 at 10:53 pm


I remember 24+ years ago, being pregnant with our daughter….I rocked & rocked & rocked & sang to her & we had lots of Mommy/Baby talks in that rocking chair. You will love the rocking chair. She always loved to swing on the swing set as a child also, which I attibute to my rocking. However, when our son came along….it was to much like shopping, he hated to be rocked. But, the Mommy in me just snuggled him & slowed it down to a mere slow movement. Enjoy every little second of time with your baby son….it goes by way to fast, believe me! Good luck….Love, Rose in Nashville


Joy June 11, 2008 at 1:36 am

Cute!!! I can’t wait to see more nursery pics! Please post soon because I love nursery pics!


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