Tell The Story Only You Can Tell

by jessicaturner on April 18, 2008

Last evening the Event kicked off. With everything that has been going on with Angie, work and life, I was not as hyped about it as last year (I was out of control excited last year). Since getting pregnant, I also haven’t scrapbooked as much. I knew the Event was going to remind why I love scrapbooking so much and inspire me to start investing my time in it on a daily basis, as I was doing about a year ago. The event’s theme is Tell the Story Only You Can Tell. Love it.

Twila (a friend from Michigan) and I had one class last night, sponsored by Creative Cafe. Danelle Johnson and Kristi Sikora Blakenship taught the class. I didn’t have high expectations for the class, but it blew me away. They both have a philosophy similar to Stacy Julian’s – scrapbook what is most important to you, don’t get wrapped up in the latest “artsy fartsy” techniques, and record your story to leave a legacy for generations to come. They had a lot of creative, simple ideas for doing just that and I loved it.

The highlight for me though was winning the Once Upon a Family Dear Sweet Child Box. I was first introduced to this product about two years ago, but had forgotten wanting to get one once I had a baby. Well, at six months pregnant, I won the box in the class!! YEA! I was delighted. Basically, this is a hard box that has 21 small white books inside. Every year, Mom is to write a letter to her child. Then 21 days before his (or her) 21st birthday she sends him a book a day leading up to the very special birthday. How special and sweet is that?! Awesome. Matthew said I should save it for when we have a girl, but I have a feeling Elias will love and appreciate it.

Today is chocked full of classes from 8 am to 7 pm. WHEW! If I don’t blog again this weekend, please remember to keep the Smith family in your prayers. Sunday is Audrey’s memorial service.

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petrii April 18, 2008 at 11:43 am

I just want you to know that your blog and life make me smile :) Everytime I see a new blog from you I smile; I know that it will be full of simple lovely truths.

How great to have a set of books like that for your child when he turns 21. I wish there had been that when my son was born. He is 15 now (16 this summer ~~ yikes ~~ :) and there are so many things that have happened along the way that I wish I’d penned for him; a lot of special moments. Elias will love and appreciate it when he’s 21, and if you do have a girl in the future, you might just do one for her as well.

Thank you again for sharing your heart.

In Christ alone,



Julia April 18, 2008 at 3:47 pm

That is just the sweetest idea for a 21st birthday present I have ever heard!!!


Anonymous April 19, 2008 at 3:44 am

Just wondering….have the Smith’s had the private burial? How did it go? How are they holding up? Do you think she would let you do another update for her if she is unable to write at this time…so we know more of what needs she has at this time?
You are such a dear friend to her…thank you for all you have done for her.
Congratulations on your look adorable! You will have so much fun!


Joy April 20, 2008 at 2:56 am

I, too, agree with the idea of scrapbooking the important things that matter to us in order to leave a legacy. Plus, it’s less expensive if you don’t buy all the frills and doo-dads!

Anyway, the link didn’t work to see the Baby Box. I wish I had gotten some for my little girls! That would’ve been awesome!!! I guess I could make my own, hmm?


Melissa April 24, 2008 at 3:45 pm

I just want to add my two cents to the issue of giving the books to Elias vs. waiting for a daughter. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter from 19 down to 11, and while the daughter is a kindred spirit in all those girly areas, the power of words of affirmation you give to your child are beyond important whether they are male or female. Although I didn’t have the cool product you have, I have really tried to make a point of giving them written words (on special occasions or just because I felt them). I know for a fact that the older two keep them stashed away and pull them out when they need them. Maybe I’ll make them a box to keep them in. My third child (a boy) is autistic and because of his extreme difficulty processing even the most basic ideas in language, and because too much language actually causes him distress, we keep things very basic with him. But I just realized that I also don’t extend those words of affirmation in written form to him. (We actually have to be very careful in our spoken words to him too, because anything too personal or loving is also distressing to him – not sure what that’s about other than that processing emotion seems to be even harder than processing language.) It has just occurred to me, that even though those words may never mean anything to him, I think I should still make a record of them for myself and keep them, and maybe some day, he will be able to process them and they will be important to him. Wow – I didn’t know where I was going when I started this – chased a few rabbits! Bottom line – give the boys books/boxes/words too.

I don’t usually ramble on or even comment on blogs of strangers, but since I came to you by way of Angie’s (as I have been following her story for many weeks now and trying to love them in the only way I can from a distance through my prayers), they have become almost like family and so I guess you are extended family now. :) It’s really amazing that because of our bond in Christ, we can feel such a closeness with people we will probably never even meet. And since I love all things creative, especially scrapbooking, I love hearing about all that you are doing.

Mostly, I want to thank you for keeping us updated for Angie. Walking through this journey with them even from a great distance has been and continues to be an extremely profound experience – yet more evidence of the power of written word to move people – not to mention the power of God to draw us together. So I will add you and little Elias to my prayer list and look forward to hearing all about him.


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