Do The Hokey Pokey and Find Out What Life’s All About

by jessicaturner on April 1, 2008

Matthew’s latest book, Hokey Pokey: Curious People Finding What Life Is All About is now available at all major bookstores, on and your favorite Christian retailers. We are so excited about this book. Matthew’s insight and conversational tone throughout the book is filled with poignant, aha! type messages. I am confident that this is a book anyone can glean something from – no matter what your circumstances are. Please feel free to order a copy on Amazon today and tell your friends about this book! They will thank you. :) Also, after you have read the book, please review it on Amazon. This really makes a huge difference.

Here are just a few blog reviews – so you don’t think that I am just biased because my husband wrote the book.

Without Wax – Pete Wilson

Word Marrow – Amy Kopecky

Various Parables

Big Ear Creations

Root48 – Brian Hoffmeister

Embodying The Kingdom – Matt Wilson

Divinest Sense

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