So Sick…

by jessicaturner on March 1, 2008

I’m sorry I have been such a terrible blogger. Last weekend was crammed with errands and work. Then on Monday I threw up – oddly, since I hadn’t thrown up in more than a week. We thought it was just pregnancy related and didn’t think much of it. Well Tuesday night I started throwing up a lot and just was having A LOT of gi-related stomach flu symptoms (details not necessary – gross). Literally I was up ALL night. I hoped it was just a 24-hour thing. Well Wednesday I was still sick and we ended up going to the ER Wednesday night. I was very dehydrated so they pumped two bags of fluids in me and sent me home. Thankfully the baby was doing fine – with a strong heartbeat of 160 beats a minute.

I stayed home from work again Thursday, but seemed to be starting to feel better. I was taking Zofran every 10 hours (a really strong nausea medicine they often give cancer patients). Well, Thursday night everything was back. So, yesterday I was home again and my midwife had me continuing with the Zofran and drinking 8 oz of water and 8 oz of Gatorade every hour I was awake. I was also to sleep as much as possible. The worst part was that she said I needed to cancel my trip to see my friend Colleen in Baton Rouge. I cried. I was so looking forward to seeing her and meeting her fiance before their wedding in May!! But, it was for the best.

Colleen and me at my bachlorette party in 2004

I don’t think I have been this sick since I was a child. Cold sweats, throwing up, stomach flu, no appetite, headaches- just awful. Matthew took such good care of me – waiting on me hand over foot. I am such a blessed woman. This morning, I seem to have turned a corner, but am still feeling weak. I am hoping to be back to normal by Monday.

The Coming Week

You may remember that I was supposed to be traveling this past week directing a few photo shoots. Well thankfully, those shoots were rescheduled for this coming week and the following week (prior to me getting sick). I love when things work out like that.

Because the trips were rescheduled, we had to move our 20-week ultrasound and now find out what the baby is on Monday at 10:30 am!! YEA! I am so excited!!! I will be sure to post the news. :)

Well, that’s probably enough for now…

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Kelli March 3, 2008 at 12:36 pm

eeeek 3 hours and counting :) LOL


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