Reflections on Easter

by jessicaturner on March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday was a good day. As is tradition, Matthew and I put together Easter baskets for each other. I filled his with some random goodies, including three memoirs (he loves memoirs). He loved them all. I loved my basket too, especially the books he selected for me. The life of living with an author – we own A LOT of books!

(Matthew got his wisdom teeth out a few days ago, which is why his jaw is a bit swollen – poor guy. He is still having pain from the surgery!)

We went to church at 11 am. The message was great. Our pastor, Pete, talked about how we serve a “Third Day” God. He gave numerous examples of people and circumstances in the bible that are challenging, frustrating and unexpected/unplanned on days one and two, but on the third day his glory is revealed. While it may not be in the way you wanted or planned, it is clear that God is at work.

This message was so applicable to me. So often, when I am in a circumstance, I get frustrated, as God why and lose hope, only to have the situation end up being better than I expected. OR, the situation isn’t BETTER than I expected, but the result fulfills a bigger purpose or demonstrates God’s faithfulness in an unexpected way. My dear friend, Angie, is in the midst of much heartache and pain right now as she wrestles with the circumstances surrounding the sickness of her unborn daughter Audrey. In the midst of it all, she continues to have those “Third Day God” revelations. I am so thankful that she recognizes God working in her life, despite her pain and despair.

We had a delicious Easter lunch at the home of our friend’s Lee and Traci Steffen. Traci’s parents were in town and they all invited Matthew, me and our friend Julie to join them. Everything was delicious! We had a very nice time together.

Matthew and I spent a quite evening at home. I crafted and he wrote. We watched the Big Give, which I really like to watch each week. It was a good way to end a good day.

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Matthew Paul Turner March 24, 2008 at 8:21 pm

You are such a gift to me, baby! I love reading about your love for God…


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