Happy New Year

by jessicaturner on January 3, 2008

Happy New Year! Gosh, can it really be 2008? It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating 2000… since then I have graduated college, fallen in love, gotten married and am now having a baby! Amazing.

I am 11 weeks today. Yesterday we heard the baby’s heartbeat. So exciting to hear that little heart pumping like galloping horses. Next week I will have an ultrasound to see the little munchkin. I can’t wait!

Right now I am reading one of the best fiction books I have ever read – EVER. It is called Someone Knows My Name. Matthew bought it for me for Christmas. Seriously, go to Amazon right now and buy this book. It is about a woman’s life starting out in Africa and then her journey to America on a slave ship, working on a plantation, etc. Words cannot do it justice, but know that it is a book that will move you emotionally and stick with you for days. I have even been dreaming about it. I am a bit more than half way through it and will surely finish it this weekend.

Matthew is going on a writing retreat this weekend to work on his memoir. Please be praying for him – that the time away brings him clarity and focus and helps him get a significant amount of work done.

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melanie January 3, 2008 at 1:46 pm

i had just added this to my goodreads list – glad to hear its a good one. it sounds wonderful.
thanks for the review.


magpie January 3, 2008 at 2:33 pm

I was doing a bit of catch up on your old posts and wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy–so exciting! Hope the all-day sickness gets better. I had that as well, through 5 pregnancies, and it is no fun. It always seems there is some weird food that will get a girl through those weeks. For me the last time it was sour cream and cheddar potato chips, lol. Not exactly the best food for baby, though!


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