America Supports You Summit 2008

by jessicaturner on January 26, 2008

Friday I attended the America Supports You Summit 2008. As its website states, “America Supports You is a Department of Defense program that provides opportunities for citizens to show their support for the US Armed Forces. The program was launched in 2004 in an effort to highlight citizen support for our military men and women and communicate that support to the members of our Armed Forces at home and abroad.”

This year, my client Strength for Service became an ASY group. This membership has given us the opportunity to connect with organizations supporting our troops across the nation. The Summit was a one-day event where more than 100 organizations came to DC to network, learn more about what opportunities ASY offers and be equipped for the the year ahead. It was fantastic. The head of the ASY program is Allison Barber, who is the deputy assistant secretary of defense for public liason and deputy assistant secretary for internal communications (whew!). She was so articulate, warm and just wonderful. What a delight.

Allison Barber and me

We also had the pleasure of hearing the following: Lieutenant General Carter F. Hamm (he pretty much heads up all the military around the world), Honorable Robert M. Gates (Secretary of Defense) and Stewart Emery (co-author Success Built to Last and brillant entrepreneur/executive coach/marketing leader – he came up with the Priceless campaign!!). On top of all these great speakers, I attended several break-out sessions, where I met so many dedicated people from awesome organizations! I am excited about the opportunity to follow-up and hopefully partner Strength for Service with many of them.

Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense

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