A Creative God

by jessicaturner on October 8, 2007

Matthew and I recently received Planet Earth, disc one, from our Netflix. Matthew had added it to our queue and I was only mildly interested. (I have never been one to like “nature” shows.) Well, I was BLOWN away. The diversity of landscapes, creatures and climates shown is astounding.

Repeatedly throughout the movie I was struck by the creativity of God. I think I usually just think of His creativity when it comes to the sky, the stars, people… sort of big picture things instead of the minutia of millions of different creatures. Never could I even imagine some of the animals shown on the first DVD. Birds of paradise that literally transform into crazy looking somethings… flamingos with bills that look like spoons. It was like watching Alice in Wonderland only these animals were real!!

Check out the trailer here:

It might seem trite, but these moments bring me to my knees in thanksgiving and wonder of the God we serve. A God who is so awesome and big, yet cares more about you and me than everything else on earth. What a gift. I pray that no matter where you are in your spiritual quest, that you are able to look around you and see the beauty that God has created in your life, for it is far more beautiful than the craziest animals featured in Planet Earth.

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emily October 9, 2007 at 1:04 am

my husband too wanted to get this…i was not interested in watching it, but was hooked from moment one…it’s an amazing movie!


Kelli October 9, 2007 at 7:09 pm

that is MAGNIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow wow wow…God rocks my world…well his world! LOL anyways that video will be so addictive, I must get it :)


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