I’m Ready for Christmas Cards

by jessicaturner on September 22, 2007

I love Christmas. I love the excuse to give freely to the special people in my life. I LOVE it. When I was a little girl, my Mom would take my sister and me to the Dollar Store where we would find the perfect things from everyone on our list. Ha! Each gift we picked was so significant to us. I think that is what taught me that it isn’t the size of the gift or where it came from – it is the heart behind it.

I start Christmas shopping for the following year on December 26. No joke. It is tradition to go to Target at 6:40 and run in at 7 for all the deals. Seriously. Have you been to Target the day after Christmas? There is so much 50% off clearance it can make your head swirl. I LOVE IT! Just thinking about it gets me excited. It works well for me to spread out my shopping over the course of the entire year. Then I can usually find great deals and end up getting the person more than if I would have paid full price for something. Now some things you have to buy full price, but not everything. :) I am probably 65-70% done with my Christmas shopping.

Okay, where is this post going? I am ready to start writing Christmas cards. I know it isn’t even October, but I think I am going to start them this week. Of course, I bought our cards 50% off last year. They are adorable. Matthew and I will send between 150-200 cards this year. Again, we digress to the whole me loving Christmas. I am so delighted by sending cards, including a letter and a picture – the whole deal. So, I figure if I do just 5 a night, I will be done with card writing by Thanksgiving. I am going to wait to write our letter until Thanksgiving because you want it to be as close to a year-recap as possible. But that is so easy next to addressing all those cards!!

So, that is my long post about being excited for Christmas.

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Kelli September 23, 2007 at 1:02 am

you are too cute :)


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