Free Eric Volz

by jessicaturner on April 17, 2007

Please watch this video and pray for Eric.

I just received this email:

Today marks a monumental step in our fight to Free Eric V. The court in Rivas, Nicaragua has forwarded Eric’s case file to the Appellate court. In accordance with Nicaraguan law, the Appellate Court may take up to 6 days to hold the formal hearing; the verdict follows within 5 days of the Hearing.

Now is our time as a community of supporters to take action. We are going to start a 6 day campaign as we await the decision of the Court – a campaign we are calling the FREE ERIC V. Avalanche.

We must have as many people as possible with their eyes turned toward this case as we go through the appeal process. As a community of supporters, we must demand justice and will not stop until we bring him home.

Day 1 of the Avalanche is today. The first step? Alerting everyone about the appeal. Contact your friends and fellow supporters of Eric; tell them it has begun!

Please check the MySpace page for bulletins every morning this week. Thank you again for your continued support.

I hope that you too will do something to help.

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Kelli April 18, 2007 at 5:37 pm

Hi Jessica!

No I didn’t know Reid…what year did they graduate because the name sounds familiar. we are headed to VT on Saturday. we are sending off Crusade staff that have been there for 15 years…it will be hard for them to go now. They are going to be shocked to see all the alum over those 15 years show up. We look forward to encouraging them and the students. Pray for us.

Thanks for your encouraging post on my blog…we all have fond memories of our schools…we should never allow tragedies such as these to DEFINE what that school is.


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