The Lion King

by jessicaturner on October 28, 2006

Oh my goodness! Yesterday I went to the Nashville AMA meeting, which was hosting the press director for the national tour of Disney’s The Lion King. (The Lion King tour opens in Nashville this weekend and runs through December 3 at TPAC.) Well, as is often the case, they had a bowl when we entered to drop our business card in for a drawing. I didn’t think much of it… well to make a long story short, my card was selected and I won four tickets to the show!!! I am SOOOOO excited. Matthew and I have been talking for months about attending, but weren’t sure if we would be able to, so winning these tickets was such a blessing. I could select any day to attend, so we are going to go Sunday, November 19 to celebrate Matthew’s birthday. What a treat! We decided to invite our neighbor Leila and Matthew’s friend Tommy. I’m really excited that Leila can join us – she is a newlywed and just a short time after getting married her husband was deported to Iraq.

I’m so excited for November. I get to go to the CMA Awards on the 6th for a work event, and then The Lion King! How awesome! Okay, enough exclamations for one blog…

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