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by jessicaturner on October 23, 2006

Wow, I have so much to share, I hardly know where to begin. First off, this was a big scrapbooking week. Here are the highlights:

I’m going to be in Creating Keepsakes: No joke, one of the country’s largest magazines is going to include me in March 2007. I better back up. The magazine had a post on its web site requesting people to write in if they had ever scrapbooked for a cause. So I wrote in about the whole Mercy Ministries project that I did. (See June and July for more posts about this). Well, they picked the story as one of the few to feature. Moreoever, the magazine has requested photos. I’m so pumped. Tomorrow (Monday), I am going to Mercy to do a little photo shoot with some of the girls that participated in the project. I’m so pumped.

I’m an official scrapbook teacher: I have been asked by the Creation Station, a local scrapbook store, to be one of its teachers. I will be teaching beginner and intermediate classes. So if you live in the Nashville area and have been wanting to have me teach you how to scrap, now is the time! November 11 at 10:30 I will be teaching a beginner class, and the following Saturday, November 18 I will be teaching an intermediate class. In the beginner class we will discuss basic scrapbooking principles, review and sample the “must-have” supplies and make an adorable two page fall layout. In the advanced class we will be making a 6×6 “Christmas Memories” board book, completely using BoBunny supplies. I made it today and it is so cute. I think this class will fill up quickly, especially because the project so, so sweet. Plus, it is great to have something all ready for photos for Christmas.

In other news…

Happy anniversary to us: Yep, two years ago Matthew and I tied the knot. Well two years ago, tomorrow. We celebrated all weekend though. He made me an amazing steak dinner and today we spent most of the day together. (Of course, we worked in some romance too. *wink, wink)I bought pumpkins for us to carve, but we didn’t get to it… but we will sometime this week. Don’t worry, I will post pictures. I love that our anniversary gives us a special reason to pause and reflect what a gift God has given us – in our relationship and in each other. Marriage continues to blow me away. I am blessed.

The deadline looms: Matthew has been on a continuous deadline for much of the year. Please be praying for him during this next week. He is nearing completion of his book, Jesus Needs New PR, which will release next fall. The early readers have agreed – it is amazing, groundbreaking and hilarious all at the same time. I am so excited to see what God has in store for it, Matthew and us in 2007.

Sabboth rest: This Saturday I attended Women at Rest, which is a three hour “retreat” of sorts for women at my church. During the time, there is a brief teaching and then an extended time of prayer. This past Saturday, we dwelt upon the notion of “Sabboth rest” and what does that look like? How can one experience rest (for Jesus says, “Come to me and I will give you rest”) and yet be busy? The time opened my eyes. I came away with a hunger to sit at the feet of Jesus, to be in the word more, to journal as a chronicle of the story God is unfolding in my life and to REST. It is something that is difficult right now for me to put into words, but I expect to write more in the future…

Facebook: Out of control. I thought that I couldn’t have a facebook account because I was graduated from college, but it turns out you can if you have an alumni email address. YEA! I signed up this week and have been borderline obsessed. It has been so fun to find old friends, see where they are, what they have been up to, etc. So cool.

Well, I could go on and on about this past week, for it was a good one. But tomorrow is a full day, and I must get to bed.

Love to you, dear reader

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Linsey October 24, 2006 at 3:49 pm

YEAH!! Congrats on your CK publishing! I will have to pick up that issue!


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