On Wisconsin!

by jessicaturner on October 1, 2006

Right now I am in Wisconsin visiting my family. My Dad’s business, Boxhorn Gun Club (click the link to the right – he is having a huge charity breast cancer shoot today, so I flew in to help do a little media relations. We think a few stations are going to come out for the event, so that’s a blessing.

Yesterday, we went to my old stomping ground – UW. So much has changed – a new boathouse for the rowing team blocks the once beautiful view I had of the lake from my old dorm, new buildings are going up and old ones have been torn down. They have these adorable paineted cows all over campus. Morethan 100 of these cows are on display all over Madison until October. I wish I had known about it ahead of time – I probably would have made Mom and Mel go on a search for more. Read about them here. My favorite was the one that outside of the red gym wearing a rugby. He even had a Bucky tatoo on his face. Check him out! :)

If you want to see pictures of more cows, I found this link on the web. SO COOL – you will feel like you are in Madtown.

The only bad experience at UW was that I leaned up against a pole and yup, right into bird poop. Wet bird poop. It was awful. Melissa had to go into the bathroom with me and used about half a role of wet paper towel to get it off. YUCK. I guess everyone needs to get bird poop on them at some point in their lives. :) Right before this occured, we took this cute picture on the terrace, my favorite place on the planet. (Well, at least one of my top 5!)

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