Beatitude Gets an Awesome Review from PW

by jessicaturner on August 28, 2006

We just got Publisher’s Weekly’s review of Matthew’s book Beatitude: Relearning Jesus Through Truth, Contradiction and a Folded Dollar Bill, and it is FANTASTIC! It is definitely the best he has received from this publication – one of the most respected in the book world. Please read it below and pray that the book is a huge success when it releases in October.

If you are interested, you can preorder it on Amazon – just search Matthew Paul Turner and it will pop up!

Mix together personal stories, scripture from The Message version of the Bible, online conversations and short interviews and you’ll have this eclectic take on the Beatitudes. He believes we’ve lost the magic in our faith (thus the reference to the “folded dollar bill” trick in the title), so he focuses on what this magic might look like in people’s lives. Those who evince this magic see Christianity as a journey, rather than a destination, and unstintingly offer undeserved grace, unconditional love and mercy to others. Turner, a contributor to Relevant magazine and author of several books (Provocative Faith; The Christian Culture Survival Guide ), cites his sometimes difficult years in a fundamentalist church with maturity and a lack of bitterness. Rather than spending time regretting the legalism, he focuses on the people who showed him the love of Jesus through the way they lived. He’s not afraid to expose his own shortcomings; he refers to his own past struggles with porn and recounts being fired from the Christian music magazine CCM . His breezy, warm, conversational style should especially endear him to those under 35. Turner is one of Christianity’s fresh voices in the tradition of Rob Bell, Brian McLaren and Donald Miller. (Oct.)

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Penny August 28, 2006 at 5:58 pm

Congrats to your DH! That’s awesome!


Colleen September 4, 2006 at 12:06 am

That is an AWESOME review! It was so great talking with you this afternoon and I will be praying for you and matthew. I love you and look forward to talking with you again soon. I will speeddial your house!


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