Operation Scrapbook Catch-Up

by jessicaturner on July 22, 2006

So 2006 is more than half over and I have barely begun my everything scrapbook – you know, the scrapbook where I scrapbook pretty much everything that Matthew and I do. Family, friends, events, etc. The year started out with the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame. My entry took me the entire month of January, and while I didn’t win, the process pushed me to try new things creatively. My scrapbooking has greatly advanced since then, yet where are the pages to show it? I have done the CK Becky sketches pages each month, attended CKC where I learned some fun techniques, and have also comepleted assorted small projects and gifts in my spare time – and that is pretty much all the time I’ve had.

Things have finally slowed down and I am ready to buckle down and start scrapping like a mad woman. I have five rolls of film that I am anxious to get developed (I don’t even know what is on some of them!). I have been waiting to get them developed because I don’t want to become even more overwhelmed with pictures! So tomorrow is going to be the start of a scrapbooking binge. Mom and Dad are coming for a visit in three weeks. It is my goal to get caught up at least through the spring. I think that is totally doable. When I get caught up I will then get the film developed.

In preparing for this “binge” I have been reading up on scrapbooking. Studying some of the “best” in the country, reading blogs from designers that I like, etc. One blog that I read (Molly Bridges) stated the following, which really inspired me:

I had the amazing opportunity this April to attend a class with Cathy Zielske at the 2006 Scrap Etc. Event. Cathy had an amazingly low maintenance approach to scrapbooking that spoke the heart of why I started this hobby… to tell the stories of the people that I love so that they are there forever. She gave me permission

1. to not scrap every picture I ever take
2. to tell my story even if it takes up most of the page
3. to use the graphic design rules I learned in journalism
4. to use less product and leave more white space
5. that their are no rules

I love that.

Today I am volunteering all day – first at Mercy and then at the Statesmen’s Dinner tonight. Tomorrow after teaching Sunday school I will embark on Day One of Operation Scrapbook Catch-Up!! Wa-woo!!

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Papergirl July 25, 2006 at 2:48 pm

Hi! Got here through CKMB. A catch-up project sounds pretty good. Good luck with yours! Thanks for the reminder too, that maybe I don’t need to scrapbook EVERYTHING! :)


Monique July 28, 2006 at 2:06 am

Hey, is that Mercy Ministries in Nashville? The girl’s home? If so, I wanted to work there so bad when I got out of ministry training school in IL…jer and I lived in Franklin after we got married for about a year before we moved to bham. Anyway…just ran across your weblog and thought I would ask about that…if it’s the place i’m thinking about I would love for you to email me…hmmmm, I have some ideas. email me…we need to chat :)


Anonymous August 4, 2006 at 11:41 pm

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Anonymous August 9, 2006 at 5:56 pm

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