A Skeptic Asks: Free Essential Oils Class Q&A

by jessicaturner on September 15, 2014

Update: Because of a glitch in the bundle system, this sale has been extended through 3:00 pm EST today (Tuesday). So, if you missed this post yesterday, you are in luck!

Today is the last day to take advantage of the Ultimate Health Living Bundle Sale that I shared about last week. This bundle includes more than $1,000 worth of ebooks and freebies, and is available for just $29.97.

One of the bundle freebies that everyone in the blogosphere is buzzing about is the Vintage Remedies Essential Oils class. The class retails for $99.95 and looks to be REALLY thorough, so to get it for free is pretty incredible. The best part is that you can take the classes from the convenience of your home.

To be honest, I am a bit of an essential oils skeptic. It seems like I am invited to essential oils classes and gatherings almost every week by friends on Facebook, but I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon – mostly because they all seem so salesy.

Essential Oils Free Class

I think my skepticism is what piqued my interest in this class when I learned it was included with the bundle. I had a chance to email the founder, Jessie Hawkins, a few questions and I thought I would share her answers with you.

NOTE: With today being the last day to buy the bundle, if you have any interest in essential oils (as well as dozens of other healthy living topics), I would recommend snatching up a bundle because the sale ends TODAY. I received the bundle on the first day of the sale and was blown away by the fantastic content. They offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase, and I have a feeling you won’t regret it.

Vintage Remedies Essential Oils Q&A with Founder Jessie Hawkins

I’m a skeptic about essential oils. Why should I give them a chance?

That’s understandable. I was a skeptic initially as well. As a mom of four, I wanted solutions that worked; trial and error with natural products at home just wasn’t going to cut it. There’s a lot of pseudoscience being promoted as aromatherapy or natural health and it’s far worse now than it was when I entered the field back in 2001. Here at VR, we hold herbs, oils, and supplements up to a rigorous standard, ensuring that we don’t teach things we can’t back with reputable evidence from peer reviewed scientific journals. In other words, we stick with what can be scientifically validated.

What can someone expect from the class?

Students have access to a full virtual classroom experience with access to a professional course instructor, access to classmates in the forums, personalized feedback and instruction on assignments, and our full office staff to help you make the most of the program. Within the student portal, you’ll study aromatherapy from an evidence based perspective – empowering you to cut through the sensationalism and identify safe and appropriate uses of essential oils to both promote health and treat suitable health concerns in your family.

What is the most common feedback you receive about your classes?

While our course descriptions include the depth of content and evidence based approach we teach, students are still continually surprised to see just how much they learn, especially if they’ve already been studying natural health for a while. The emails we’ve received from bundle readers so far have all indicated just how excited they are to see the subject finally being approached from a scientific perspective amidst all of the unfounded hearsay available online and in social media groups. That reliable, balanced approach is definitely the most popular element of the courses we’ve taught over the years.

The course includes 50 hours of instruction. Is it reasonable for a busy mom to get this course completed? How long does it typically take someone to complete?

Absolutely! The total includes time spent studying, completing projects, and course instruction time. There are six units, each of which can be completed in a week. We provide twice that time to ensure that moms can take breaks as needed.

Almost all of our students are busy moms, homeschooling moms, WAHMs, etc. We base course completion time and expectations on what life really looks like, not the spare time we all wish we had! As a busy mom myself, that was a key requirement when I established VR nearly ten years ago; it absolutely had to be reasonable for a busy mom like me to complete.

We’ve also found that the return is well worth the time invested on our programs. A recent poll of students indicated that over half of them actually began saving up to hundreds of dollars each year on unnecessary expenses on supplements and healthcare as a result of what they learned and that over 2/3 of them found that they had been using certain supplements in a way that was either ineffective or unsafe!

Do you have to do the whole course to learn something?

Not at all! While each unit builds upon the previous unit, they are all self contained. In each, you’ll study two essential oils in depth, getting an inside view into scientific studies evaluating the oil’s effectiveness, and you’ll access project instructions with video demonstrations, downloadable formulas to make your own formulations, and a blend of audio mp3 lectures, video instruction, and downloadable pdfs with material to study.

To get this free essential oils class, buy the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle before this deal ends today!


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