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With Christmas just over two months away, it is already time to think about Christmas cards. Each year, I shared the best deals I find on the Internet to help you save on your Christmas cards.

Minted is probably my favorite card company. I have been using them for two years and am always blown away by their quality.

Another thing that I love about Minted is that you can upload your address book to the site and they will address your cards FOR FREE. Talk about a HUGE time saver, particularly for our family since we send about 200 cards each year. (Cards are my favorite!)

This weekend I got a great deal in my inbox and had to pass it along. Now through October 27, get a free $20 credit for Minted when you upload 25 addresses to your Minted address book. It’s super easy (I just export my address list from excel and upload to the site) and a great way to save on cards this Christmas season. I am DYING over the pretty address designs too.

Click here to sign up for Minted. If you are new to Minted, you will get a $25 credit for signing up.

You will then get the $20 credit emailed to you as well when you upload your addresses.

Note: You probably won’t be able to use both credits on one order, but we will have to wait and see! Otherwise, you could split your card orders into two – one to use the $25 credit (first order) and then the $20 credit, second order.

Bonus, when you sign up for Minted you can get a referral link to shared Minted with your friends. For each friend you refer who orders, you will earn a $25 credit to Minted. So be sure to share the Minted love. (And yes, that’s my referral link in this post!) You can easily earn enough credits to get free cards this year.



DIY Pumpkin Snack Jars + Yummy Trail Mix Recipe

by jessicaturner on October 17, 2014

DIY Pumpkin Snack Jars + Yummy Trail Mix Recipe
Since being introduced to Aladdin plastic mason jars earlier this year, I have found so many uses for them, but these pumpkin snack jars might be my family’s new favorite! When Aladdin contacted me about doing a sponsored Halloween post, this idea instantly popped in my head. It is easy to execute and your kids will love it.

I made them as a special surprise for the kids for when we went to the pumpkin patch, and we have used them every day since.

Adeline calls the jars her pumpkin snacks and every day after school she loves having a snack in the car out of her pumpkin jar. (Yesterday I forgot her pumpkin jar and it was an epic meltdown for the first half of the ride home!)

DIY Pumpkin Snack Jars + Yummy Trail Mix Recipe
To make them, simply spray paint your Aladdin mason jars and caps orange. I used these plastic 12 ounce jars and orange Krylon Fusion for Plastic spray paint. Once they dry, use black craft paint to add a jack-o-lantern face.

DIY Pumpkin Snack Jars + Yummy Trail Mix Recipe
If your kids are older, get them involved and let them paint a face on the jar. Elias painted the face on his and was so proud of it.

Once the jars are dry, fill them with some Halloween trail mix. I mixed chocolate chex, teddy grahams, raisins and candy corn for the perfect Halloween treat.

DIY Pumpkin Snack Jars + Yummy Trail Mix RecipeWhen we got to the pumpkin patch, the kids were so excited to take a break and enjoy their snacks. It was an easy way to make the trip extra memorable.

DIY Pumpkin Snack Jars + Yummy Trail Mix RecipeAs we go into the weekend, I encourage you to try this simple craft and recipe. It comes together super quickly (my kind of DIY) and your family will love it!
Pumpkin jars

For more Halloween and mason jar inspiration, check out Aladdin on Pinterest.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Aladdin, but all crafting and trail mixing was my own!


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