Who Loads the Dishwasher “Right”?

by jessicaturner on July 31, 2014

Disclosure: This is the second in a two part sponsored series with Haier, who provided our family with a new dishwasher.

This week I had a lively discussion on Facebook discussing the important question of who loads the dishwasher “right” in your house.

Here are some of the responses:
Nancy: This is so funny….me and I re-do his – even after 2 decades later of marriage. However, I shut my mouth about it because he’s putting them in the dishwasher!!!

Amy: I load it right. My husband insists that his way is “good enough.” However, he frequently puts things in the dishwasher that are not dishwasher safe. Also, I can fit about 50% more dishes in than he can, while still getting them clean.

Deidra: Yeah. So. My husband loads the dishwasher and, after all these years, I’ve finally conceded that the fact he loads the dishwasher makes his way the “right” way.

Jill: Me. I am the only person who loads it right. I have even been known to rearrange other family members dishwashers “the right way”…..

Linny: I do it right, it’s a dance of getting everything to fit while still allowing for proper water flow to hit all the sides of each dish. When I was super pregnant my husband would pull up a chair next to the dishwasher and hand me dishes to load for him. I am the dish loading rock star!

Amanda: Neither of us load it correctly. We get lazy and load big bowls, big plates, and pans at the bottom of the dishwasher and the water can’t reach the top rack. Then we leave the halfway washed dished in the top rack for the rest of the week, hoping that they will miraculously get clean because we run the dishwasher every night with new dishes added to it. By the weekend, I take stuck-on food dishes out and wash them by hand and put them away. The madness starts again the following week. We just can’t be completely organized in everything, we aren’t those people. And the dishwasher is pretty darn low on the priority list.

Amber: I do – Noah tends to put EVERYTHING we used for a meal in the dishwasher, where I put the things that fit best in there, but hand wash the bigger items that simply take up too much room or don’t fit nicely. I can bring myself to run the dishwasher more than once a day!!!

Cheri: Oh my that would be me…bit of a control freak on this subject I hate to admit

Anne: Um me. He always puts things in the super prime real estate spots on the top rack that could go on the bottom. Drives me insane.

I giggled, nodded my head and smiled as I read my friends’ words. Did any of them sound like you could have said them?

Typically I am the dishwasher loader because I just feel like I do it more efficiently and frankly, better, than Matthew. He has lots of other fantastic qualities, but utilizing space effectively in a dishwasher isn’t one of them.

One of my biggest pet peeves is putting a bunch of big stuff in the dishwasher when small stuff needs to go in.

Case and point, this morning the counter was littered with sippy cups and breakfast bowls, so I thought the dishwasher must be full and clean.

In fact, it was full and dirty, but rather than dirty with a day’s worth of dishes, it was dirty with big mixing bowls and a pan.

Sweet mercy. I can’t even. I am all about washing the big stuff so that as much little stuff can get in and cleaned at one time.

Naturally, I took the big things out, hand-washed them and loaded the small dishes in.

Haier DishwasherMuch better, right?

Our new Haier dishwasher really maximizes it’s design to fit A TON of stuff in. So much so, that sometimes after I have gotten everything in, it still has room for the occasional mixing bowl. I just don’t start with the mixing bowl when it is time to load the dishes.

Because I have been so sick with my pregnancy, I have had to let a lot of things go, including how Matthew loads the dishwasher. Many days, it’s been have dishes loaded in a way that makes no sense (to me), or have no dishes.

Clearly I am feeling better.

Who loads the dishwasher “right” in your house?

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Target 70% Toy Clearance Tips and Haul

by jessicaturner on July 31, 2014

Twice a year, Target clearances a bunch of its toys to make room for new inventory. This sale typically happens the last Thursday of July and the last Thursday of January.

Today is the day for this incredible sale.

I went to Target right at 8 am (before work) to snatch up as much as I could. I will use these toys for Christmas gifts, holiday toy donations and birthday party gifts for throughout the year.

It was one of the best sales I have been to! SO many quality toys at incredibly low prices.

Pictured above is just a sampling of the many, many toys I bought.
Target toy clearance
Some of the best deals I found:

  • Melissa & Doug craft sets for $2-$3
  • Many Leap Frog toys and accessories
  • Great games for $5-$8
  • Tons of Sofia dolls and accessories for $2 – $12
  • My Little Ponies for $3-$6
  • Lots of puzzles for $2-$4
  • Several fun baby toys for $4-$8
  • A few Star Wars toys including a doll that switches from Anakin to Luke Skywalker

My favorite items that I found were two vtech toys (a VTech InnoTab 3S Wi-Fi Learning Tablet and VTech Switch & Go Dinos Jagger The T-Rex Dinosaur), which each retailed for $70-$80 and I got for about $20 each. Elias is going to LOVE them!

Target toy clearanceI also was excited about several of the games I got including the Disney Hedbanz Board Game. I also found some cute little Doc McStuffins doctor kits for $3.

This toy clearance is done by manually changing the prices. It isn’t like a holiday clearance where the items are marked down system wide. For several of the items I found, an employee was happy to check the price and then mark-it down if it hadn’t been marked yet. Never be afraid to ask!

Also, walk the aisles more than once. You will be surprised what you missed the first time through.

Definitely go to Target today to get the best deals. Most of the toys will be very picked over by the weekend.

For more Target clearance shopping tips, click here.

Did you shop the Target toy clearance? What did you find?


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