A Heartfelt Thank You

by jessicaturner on October 24, 2014

God Made Light Children's Book

The past 72 hours since launching God Made Light have been so incredibly exciting and I wanted to take a minute to say thank you.

Thank you for buying books.

Thank you for sharing about #GodMadeLight on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for emails and comments of support.

Thank you for saying yes, our children need to know that they are light.

God Made Light is currently ranked #3 in multiple Christian children’s book categories, which is a bit surreal for a little self-published book.

God Made Light RankingsOne of my favorite parts of the week has been seeing so many families Instagramming pictures of their kids loving the book, it’s art and lyrical story.

Kids reading God Made LightPhotos by Natalie Grant, VeepVeep, VeraSweeney, AliaJoy, AngieSmith19, LisaLeonard, CrystalStine and BeckyHigginsLLC.

If you have a photo of your child/family reading God Made Light or using the products, please Instagram them and tag them #GodMadeLight. We would love to see them and read how they are impacting your family.

I loved what my friend Vera Sweeney (whose oldest son was in the hospital this week) wrote last night:

I cried while reading #godmadelight to my kids today. Because they were all home. Because it’s such an important message that needs to be heard by our youth. And because it was written by a dear friend. I cannot say how proud I am of @jessicanturner and her husband. This book is just beautiful. (And once in a while when the playing is done, look up in the sky and thank God for the sun.) thank you for writing this and thank you for sharing it with the world. Truly.

And this Amazon review from Amy Mascott

As a Reading Specialist and mom of three young children (10, 9, and 7 years old), I most highly recommend this book for any and all families who want a rich home library filled with books designed to shape the minds and spirits of our little ones.

I love everything about this book. I love the illustrations which are alive and awake with energy and radiance and the rhythmic, lyrical language. I love the message that God’s light radiates in so many things, including the reader, and I love the note cards and other related products which also carry the message that God made light…”

God Made Light is a book we all need in our family libraries. I hope that, if you haven’t, you will purchase one for the children in your life – your own kids, grandkids, families friends, etc. We know you will be blessed.

Again, thank you so much for your support. The gratitude and love I feel for The Mom Creative community is deep.


Introducing the God Made Light Collection

by jessicaturner on October 22, 2014

God Made Light childrens book
Yesterday it was a joy to introduce you to our new children’s book, God Made Light. This incredibly beautiful book has been three years in the making and to take the leap into self-publishing has been a hard, exciting journey.

One of the ways that made pursuing self-publishing less scary was all the people who came along side of us and encouraged us in how much they loved the book.

People like Ann Voskamp:

“Matthew Paul Turner, takes the same zinging words and keen eye he’s esteemed for, and turns it towards a romping, memorable children’s story. With his signature fun sensibility and surprising poignancy, he writes words that one can see… and feel. As the mother of six, I’m thrilled to read a fresh voice: Max Lucado meet Dr. Seuss.”

and Angie Smith:

“Matthew’s phenomenal storytelling and clever writing style in God Made Light is captivating. This is a book I will gift at every baby shower because of its cadence and depth. It isn’t often that a children’s book is able to bridge the gap between interesting to listen to and importance of message, and this does exactly that.”

But also companies like DaySpring. As many of you know, I love DaySpring. I write for their site (in)courage, co-host their book club and offer many exclusive sales from them here on The Mom Creative. It is a wonderful company that creates quality products, so when the product development team said, let’s dream about a God Made Light product line, Matthew and I had to pinch ourselves.

God Made Light PuzzleWe brainstormed ideas, poured over illustrations and prayed over what products would bless families the most. We finally agreed on three products that bring God Made Light to life in additional fresh ways beyond the book – a giant 2′x3′ floor puzzle, a nightlight and lunchbox notes.

Just like every word and sketch, each of the three products in the God Made Light line are intentional, fun, colorful, and useful tools that not only highlight the various concepts of “light,” but remind us that we are light. They are wonderful products to come along and support the message of the book with your children. And with Christmas around the corner, they make great gifts!

GodMadeLightProductsHere’s a little more about the God Made Light product line:

Encouragement notes: This product is most personal to Matthew and me, because we’re big believers in putting notes of love and encouragement in our kids’ lunches. Matthew typically does lunches in our home and every day he takes the time to write a special note for each of them. Borrowing from the imagery of God Made Light, these notes feature Bible verses and/or rhymes (that Matthew wrote exclusively for this product) that remind children they are loved, they are light, and that God’s light is always shining on them.

A nightlight: One of the parts in the book that has resonated with a lot of families is about the fear of dark: “And if you’re ever afraid in the darkness of night, remember the shadows are no match for God’s light.” (See this sweet post from Natalie Grant about her daughter and how the book has helped her with this fear.) Including a nightlight in the product line was a natural fit. It’s beautiful and something we have in the kids’ bathroom. I think I love seeing it shine at night as much as they do.

A floor puzzle: Using one of the most wonderous pieces of artwork straight from God Made Light, this beautiful 2′x3′ floor puzzle is a favorite of Elias’s and Adeline’s. They love the big colorful pieces and the various rays of light make it just enough of a challenge to make it a challenge. The pieces are sturdy and the color is incredibly vibrant. We have A LOT of floor puzzles and without question, this puzzle ranks at the top in terms of quality.

God Made Light PuzzleSo if you are wanting a little extra to go along with God Made Light, I would encourage you to check out the God Made Light product line from DaySpring.

COUPON: Through November 3, you can get free shipping on DaySpring God Made Light orders of $34.99 or more with the code SHIPLIGHT.

Our kids love these products and I know your kids will too.

Thank you to DaySpring for believing in God Made Light and to each of you supporting this wild dream!


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